Parking Lot Build


In the parking lot on HWY 140 between Mercy Ambulance Service and Stage Stop Mini Mart where the old Frost Shop used to be or HWY 140 between Ninth and Tenth Streets.

What it a “Parking Lot Build”?

Participants will frame walls that will be used for our fifth partner family home.  The walls will be transported to where the house will be built on Stroming Road.

People We Serve

The demand for safe, decent, affordable housing is enormous.  In the United States, almost two million people live with a hole in their roof, 3.7 million live with broken windows and 2.5 million live in a house where the foundation is crumbling beneath them.  Just over one million people live without complete plumbing facilities. (Source: American Housing Survey, U.S. Census Bureau, 2005)

Habitat for Humanity helps families living in substandard housing like those described above.  Habitat partners with individuals, religious organizations and corporations to build houses with families to eliminate poverty housing. 


The Parking Lot Build provides a great opportunity for individuals or groups to have fun while leaving a lasting impact in the community.


Day 1 (Nov. 21st)

9:00am HFH set up

10:00am Pre-cut all lumber

Day 2 (Nov. 23rd)

8:30am Instruction & Inspiration

9:00am Morning Work Detail

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm Afternoon Work Detail (Standing home)

Number of Participants Needed


Age Requirements

Open to all ages.