The Habitat Challenge is alive and well! Members of the Habitat Board of Directors are challenging supporters to match the Board’s donation of $2,500 in their year-end 2017 giving.Donations in any amount will go toward the building projects on Stroming Road, Habitat’s fourth and fifth homes.

Habitat is in the permitting phase for the Santiago Palacio home. Grading is finished for that home in preparation for construction to start in January.  To volunteer for this project, call 209 966-7444.

Those wishing to donate to the Challenge may send a check with the notation, “Habitat Challenge” to HFH of Mariposa County at P.O. Box 1420, Mariposa, California, 95338.You may also donate at our website, Community support is key to Habitat’s success in bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.