Donate Materials

Contribute Land – We need your dirt! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any Mariposa County land to help us start building. While we are working on a tentative donation of a piece of land, we will continue to need land in order to continue building more Habitat homes for our community members.

Contribute “In-Kind” Donations – In kind donations are building materials that we can either use in construction of a Habitat house or sell for funds.

Contribute to our Habitat Resale Store – The Habitat Resale Store offers low cost building materials for your home project. Habitat is happy to announce the expansion of the Habitat Resale Store sales area into a separate building near our existing area. Just “down the hill” about 30 feet you will find our doors, sinks, toilets and “big” items that require more footage. We sell paint, cabinets, electrical and plumbing supplies, lamps, appliances, tools and more. Thanks to all who are regular shoppers and have supported our desire to serve the community with affordable housing. We are gathering the funds for our next “build.”